About Jim

Hi! I'm Jim and a permanent resident of Palm Springs. I grew up playing tennis and have enjoyed it in many stages of my life. I learned to string tennis racquets when my brother and I started a stringing business in the 1980s - he really started it and I was his kid brother! It has stuck with me ever since. I really enjoy it and most of all I get to meet people making new acquaintances.

While I have some experience regarding choosing a string to accompany a playing style, I've found my customers know themselves best and will choose the right string for themselves. I'm more than happy to answer questions, offer information or share things I've learned over the years. Free free to ask!

I can usually turn around a racquet in an hour (two hours for two racquets, etc.) Getting your racquet restrung is easy in three steps: 1) Make an appointment 2) Meet me and drop-off your racquet 3) I'll usually text you  in an hour to pick-up your newly restrung racquet - easy!